Friday, August 31, 2007

A Girl's Boutique

Jan and her daughters recently visited my studio to enjoy a session celebrating Jan's pregnancy. We chose to use drapings for part of her session, which involved a bit more disrobing than her daughters were used to occurring 'in public'. In response to their shocked faces, Jan laughed and said, "This is a girl's studio."

She's right! Both men and women feel at home in my studio, but women especially enjoy the relaxed boutique atmosphere.

And Jan's images show that pregnancy is a wonderful time of family and of delicate beauty. Thank you for visiting, ladies!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Maren and I explored Deepwoods for the outdoor portion of her session. Deepwoods is a photographic dream, because there are literally hundreds of completely different looks possible here!


Miles and I explored color with his session. His bold choices ensured that his would not be humdrum senior portraits!


Caitlyn added a beach session to her senior portrait choices. The weather cooperated beautifully! She completed her senior portraits with studio and train station settings.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Holli and I explored downtown alleys to find just the right look for her. I love hand-coloring black & white images - just the right splash of red makes all the difference! :)


Alex and I took advantage of Salem's downtown during his photography session. We took advantage of historic brick buildings to create a one-of-a-kind look for him. And we had fun!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Erica & Alex

I just love weddings. They are one of the happiest days in the life of a couple, their families and friends. Erica & Alex's wedding was held at Peavy Arboreteum, which showcases the natural beauty of our Pacific Northwest. What a great day!

Senior Season!

It's high school graduation season! Many people don't know that senior portraits are usually completed during the summer months, because high school yearbook deadlines begin in late September through November.

Shealyn chose to add a beach portrait option to her session package. Watch for more beach portraits - a total of five young women chose to commemorate this most important time on July 28 with a 'session by the sea'! (I have a couple of openings left for my August 10 beach session - it's the last one this year.)

Chris & Stefanie's wedding

I'd never been to Postlewaites near Canby. What a lovely setting for a lovely day! Thank you to Chris, Stefanie, and their families for inviting us to share this day with them.

Great Tips for Your Wedding

These tips came from Beverly Clark’s They were so good, I wanted to pass them on! I especially like the beauty and the honeymoon travel tip.

Beauty Tip
Have a practice session for your hairstyle with your hair consultant and take two photos of the style you have agreed upon. Keep one photo for your records to bring with you the "day of" the wedding and ask your beautician to keep the copy in his/her records. These fine professionals do so many clients, it is easy for them to forget the fine details of what you discussed and you do not have room for error on your wedding day. This same tip applies for makeup artists.

Budget Tip
In order to maximize a limited budget, consider having the ceremony musicians stay on to play during cocktail hour; many have a minimum hourly commitment anyway and this works well with staying on into cocktail hour.

Etiquette Tip
Although grooming at the table is in poor taste, it is perfectly acceptable for the bride to quickly dab on a little lipstick at the dinner table. Combing hair or putting your hands to your hair anywhere food is served is considered unacceptable for both men and women.

Etiquette Tip
Besides offering activities for children to entertain them and keep them busy at your wedding, there are those weddings where the brides insist on no children whatsoever at the wedding. Etiquette states that you may not put this on your invitation. You may, however, place a note in with the invitation stating that the costs and event space prevent your asking all children under a certain age. You can also let your family and friends know so they may spread the word, too. Having stated this, you must make no exceptions. Outside of your own children or immediate siblings who may be children, inviting one child under your age limit could do irreparable damage and hurt feelings to others.

Honeymoon Travel Tip
Make photocopies of your passport, credit cards and travel documents. Leave a set of copies with family/friends at home; carry one set of copies in your luggage to help recover everything more quickly if your passport or credit cards are stolen.