Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Question of Balance

I had someone ask me today how I balance the math & science part of myself with my artistic, creative side. I responded:

"Life is all about balance, isn't it? It's about standing under the sky at night and dancing with the stars. It's about love poems to the setting sun and sharing grief with the predawn moon. It's about walking the wilderness and knowing that even if I die, some part of me will walk out whole, ready to enter the land of milk and honey.

"It's about looking at those around me and caring more about what they need than what I want. It's about laughter and joy and being gentle with myself when I get knocked awry. It's about believing in good, in love, in those around me. And I do believe."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vision Carrier

A friend recently told me I was her vision carrier - that I believed in her dream, and it gave her the courage to believe and work toward it, too.

I think we are all called to be vision carriers for one another.

A vision carrier does more than just believe in others' dreams, though.

A true vision carrier holds up a God-mirror, revealing each person as God sees them. For it is only when we can look upon ourselves as God looks upon us that we will have the courage to step out, to believe, and to live fully and joyfully in our dreams.

I realized that's really why I'm passionate about creating portrait art - I strive to be a vision carrier for everyone who is led to my studio door. Who are your vision carriers, and whose visions do you carry?