Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Solstice Frisbee

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice. Apparently, EVERY day that is reasonable weather is Frisbee day. I caught a group of young people who attend (or attended) West and South High schools playing Frisbee yesterday. If you want to see ALL of the images and you have a MySpace account, visit me at .

Kaneeta - Summer Photography Convention

In another entry, I'll show you the prints I entered in competition, and give you the judge's comments about them. (It's pretty interesting - and I'd love to hear YOUR comments about the judge's comments!)

But for now, let me just say -- yes, I know that these don't look like images of Kaneeta. It's because they're not. I didn't take ONE IMAGE while I was there. When I wasn't in a seminar, I was relaxing at my deck, enjoying the outrageous view (that you will, unfortunately, just have to imagine), and I didn't take the ol' camera out even once.

I rode up with other photographers, and we decided to take the scenic route home along Hwy 211. The van's oil meter starting acting crazy, so we stopped at quaint Colton Market to check it out. Well, they checked it out. I immediately got out my camera and started snapping shots.

This is Colton Lutheran Church, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. (I know this, because they have a sign proclaiming their accomplishment. I would, too!)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Modern Masterpiece

I am very excited to FINALLY unveil my new art form: Modern Masterpieces. Here's how it came about:

I was captivated by the portrait art of Rembrandt; I loved his lush backgrounds and his stylized lighting. I loved, too, the portrait work of John Singer Sergeant and Phillip Stewart Charis. I studied their work to see what parts captivated me. I thought long and hard about what this style of art would look like in "Cherie" style. And finally, I decided that it was time to debut this fine art in Salem. Whew!

It involves not just the style of capture (lighting, background and photography), but also the artwork that follows. Every detail is attended to, right down to the individual pore. Hours of careful attention are paid to each image. The presentation is also unique: canvas with a stylized high-gloss finish. It truly is a return to the Old Masters style of portraiture, and I'm very excited to bring this art into the modern era. For more details, click here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Graduation 2007!

The class of 2007 has left the building. Well, at least, they've graduated!
These graduation images are from the South Salem High graduation on Friday, June 8.

Congratulations to: Alexis, Hanna, Jenna, David, Hilary, Jackson, Emma, Tim, Maire, Alex, Lauren, Jordon, Megan, Jeff, Ashlyn, Scott, Corey, Kelli & Paul!

Congratulations to Hanna!

Hanna was recently awarded the David Wenz Memorial Scholarship for her outstanding musicianship and citizenship.
She also received the Lee Ertsgaard Memorial Scholarship, which honors an outstanding student who dedicates to more than one musical program. Hanna participated all four years of high school in both the vocal and the orchestra programs as a member of Symphonic Choir, Southernaires, Symphony, and Orchestra. She placed first in district in mezzo-soprano voice.
Hanna plans to attend OSU next year, majoring in music education. Congratulations, Hanna!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Art Display at Grand Vines

Cherie's art work (and this years models!) are on display at Grand Vines for the month of June. "I love to use current year students to create my graduating senior marketing displays, and this was a chance to show them all off," commented Cherie. "Haley isn't displayed yet, because her image just begged to be canvassed, like an oil painting. Check the display again later in the month, and you'll see her there, too!" Grand Vines is a deli, chocolaterie, wine bar/shop. People of all ages are welcome. Grand Vines participates in First Wednesday, so be sure to head downtown June 6 to enjoy the art of Cherie Renae and many other fine artists, as well! Grand Vines is located at the corner of High and Court street in downtown Salem.