Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seeing the Big Picture

Today's class, "Seeing the Big Picture: An Exploration for Photographers and Writers" was a success! We had a great time exploring via creativity, writing and photography exercises, and the outdoor photography  was especially nice on this BEAUTIFUL day

I received the nicest compliment from Ryan: "Cherie is an enthusiastic, heartfelt instructor, who brings the magic back to learning." Thank you, Ryan!

My favorite personal photo from today was this image of bleeding hearts. It's always a good day if I have a camera  in my hand. Our next workshop is in July - join us!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Day at the Beach!

We visited the beach last weekend. What a beautiful day on the Oregon coast!

The ocean always energizes me. I spend my time playing in the waves (yes, it's freezing cold - but after a while, my legs get numb, and then it's just fine. yes, I'm crazy...) and lying in the sand, soaking up the rays.

Bryan has his own way of enjoying the beach. :)

Note the beautiful lighting. This was taken in early evening, about two hours before sunset. It's a PERFECT time for portraits. If it's time to update your family portrait, give me a call, and let's go to THE BEACH!