Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Celebration Continues!

January's celebration of women continues. Karen is the lady with the purple business card. (Can you tell she likes purple? I LOVE her hair!) She is a health insurance agent who specializes in helping the self-employed. I highly recommend her. (You can contact her for your health insurance needs at: 503.623.6381.)

Karen visited my studio today because she needed to update her publicity portrait. We did that, of course, and lots more. Here are a couple of images from her session. Thank you, Karen!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

In Celebration of Women

January is Romanza month here at the studio. Our Romanza sessions in Celebration of Women are half-price. This week, Terri visited the studio. We talked and laughed and created some wonderful artwork.

In deference to her modesty, I've only displayed here some images taken as potential publicity portraits. But let me tell you, I'd LOVE to show some of the more romantic art, because she looks like a million dollars!

As women, we are finally realizing that we are beautiful at all times and in all stages of our life. It's wonderful to see so many of you this month - it's a great time to reconnect & have girl time. Thanks for coming in, Terri!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The madness of the artist

I had a client recently request the raw files from a publicity session, because her book is soon to be published, and the publisher requires unretouched images. She obviously compared the image I initially presented her with the raw file, because she commented on how much more she appreciated what I did in my digital darkroom. Here was my response to her:

In the camera, I capture the physical. In the digital darkroom, I capture the spirit. Together, I capture the person. An artist shows what mere medium cannot.

But that's why I hate to have people see their images unretouched, because they mistakenly think that's the 'real' them.

But that’s not true, anymore than a corpse is the 'real' person. If you've ever seen someone who's just passed, you know how NOT true that is. It is our spirit that gives animation and life to our corporeal fluff.

And it’s the artist’s job to capture that that magical combination of body and spirit. We work in two dimensions to capture what exists in three-four-more? dimensions (for in how many dimensions resides the spirit?) It is an unattainable undertaking. Perhaps that’s why artists are often perceived as half-mad. We have to be, to be so driven to attempt the impossible.

But it is in our striving that we create art that lifts the soul and brings hope and healing to the body, which gives people the emotional fortitude to face the challenges of every day.

Artists gift to people the vision of their true selves, and there is no more potent medicine nor more powerful talisman than that.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Studio Redecorate

OK, this isn't news for many of you, who have visited my studio in the past 6 months. Still, I thought it would be fun for everyone to see the makeover, ala my business consultant, Ariel. (See her profile here.)

Gone is the pool table :( but the newly decorated studio definitely captures the boutique-style that matches the photography you love!