Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Celebration Continues!

January's celebration of women continues. Karen is the lady with the purple business card. (Can you tell she likes purple? I LOVE her hair!) She is a health insurance agent who specializes in helping the self-employed. I highly recommend her. (You can contact her for your health insurance needs at: 503.623.6381.)

Karen visited my studio today because she needed to update her publicity portrait. We did that, of course, and lots more. Here are a couple of images from her session. Thank you, Karen!

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Karen R. Frascone said...

Cherie: Oh my gosh! Is it weird to say the photo brought tears to my eyes?? Joe was speechless as well – he loved it – wow! If that’s the preview I can’t imagine how any other one could be better – I am totally impressed! Thanks for the kind marketing words as well. Wow. Thank you!!!
And wait, I was at your studio until early afternoon and the sneak previews were ready by 3:30 the same day! You are truly magical, inspirational and am I awed to call you friend!