Monday, March 2, 2009

Women in Red!

I've become known for my images of women in Red.
In doing so, I'm breaking a cardinal rule of portrait photographers. As a professional, I'm supposed to prefer that my clients wear blue, green, white, tan - colors that supposedly draw attention to the client's face, not their clothing.

But I've never like that rule. I love red! And I think that red shows off a client in a way no other color can.

So that's how I started becoming known for my women in Red. A couple of my images have become iconic, and people immediately know it's me when they see them.

This year, I started an annual tradition. Every February, I invite women to come into my studio for a complimentary (FREE) portrait session. I ask that they wear something red and fabulous! I will use these portraits all year long for my marketing. Here are more images from my sessions:

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