Friday, June 22, 2007

Kaneeta - Summer Photography Convention

In another entry, I'll show you the prints I entered in competition, and give you the judge's comments about them. (It's pretty interesting - and I'd love to hear YOUR comments about the judge's comments!)

But for now, let me just say -- yes, I know that these don't look like images of Kaneeta. It's because they're not. I didn't take ONE IMAGE while I was there. When I wasn't in a seminar, I was relaxing at my deck, enjoying the outrageous view (that you will, unfortunately, just have to imagine), and I didn't take the ol' camera out even once.

I rode up with other photographers, and we decided to take the scenic route home along Hwy 211. The van's oil meter starting acting crazy, so we stopped at quaint Colton Market to check it out. Well, they checked it out. I immediately got out my camera and started snapping shots.

This is Colton Lutheran Church, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. (I know this, because they have a sign proclaiming their accomplishment. I would, too!)

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