Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Cameron is a singer and guitarist from McMinnville. One of my class of 2009 models, he will be travelling to Ireland this summer with YWAM. (Youth With a Mission)

We share a love for Keith Green's inspirational music (gone these many years, but not forgotten.)

Cameron is also an aspiring photographer. You can check out his work here.

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Moqui Takoda said...

you know the subject is a photogenic guy ... so you don't let him overpower the camera, which would actually diminish his good looks, and you know this, so you capture him in textures of straight lines and a very nice overhead shot, without any bright colors and so you understate his physical charm by making him look perfect and natural: when you have a ferrari, you don't need to gun the engine, and only good photographes know that ... he is natural born model, or so you made him look, by letting him be just that .. this is most impressive work ...