Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Company that Saved Me

Every once in a while a business takes such good care of its customers that it makes us all sit up and take notice.

Willamette Technical
is one of those businesses. In September, I had a rotten, awful, no-good, really-bad day. On that day, all THREE of my computers decided to misbehave, all with unrelated issues. It was a busy client day, and I desperately needed my computers to run.

Brian and Brent of Willamette Technical came to my rescue! At one point, both of them were at my studio, busily working to restore my computers. They got them up and running before my first client arrived.
Here's the thing: They actually LOVE working on that blasted hardware. And it shows. They are competent and caring, and they saved me that day. I brought them back out to correct a couple of long-standing issues, and again, they were able to quickly make my computers run more smoothly than ever.

If you ever need computer assistance, call Willamette Technical at (5030 485-2801. They will take care of you!

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