Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Even When it isn't Like I Dreamed...

In a photographer's magazine, I saw an article with some BREATHTAKING newborn portrait art. Babies suspended in fabric, cradled in Daddy's hands, etc. All sleeping peacefully, of course.

What the article didn't tell us is the photographer's secret to getting those serene babies. I'm thinking it must involve hard liquor and baby bottles. But perhaps I'm just feeling jaded.
I had a newborn session scheduled for today, and I couldn't WAIT. Those images had inspired me to try even more creative poses, and I was ready with gauzy fabric, a beautiful soft baby basket, and other props to create show-stopping images.
But little Brayden had other ideas. He did not fall into a blissful sleep. He did not think my soft bed (away from warm humans) was enticing. He did not think that being suspended in thin air with gauzy fabric was a good idea. AT ALL.
So, after quite a bit of time spent trying to convince him that great art was worth his cooperation, his parents & I did it Brayden's way. And you know what? It was magic all the same.

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R. Neil Haugen said...

Ain't it the truth? Babies have their own tempo ... and you fit in with his little tempo and pace so beautifully ... I love both, but with daddy is so sweetly manly. Thanks!