Friday, July 3, 2009

Video Insights

I bought a Flip MinoHD, and immediately put a video up on Facebook of me in my studio. Hey, it’s a business deduction, so I’d better be using it for business, right?

I was surprised by the strong response I received. Not about the fact that I stay current with technology (although I pat myself on the back for that. I may be over 50, but I’m as groovy as ever. Oops. Did I just say “groovy”?)

The observations that really caught my attention were from high school classmates whom I haven’t seen for 30 years. They commented on how beautiful I was and that, seeing my personality on the video, they could understand why I was such a popular photographer.

Wow. You see, I was not a ‘popular’ teenager. Not by a long shot. I think it was because my self-esteem, in every category except academic achievement, registered in the negative scale.

It made me think. What changed between geeky 17 and today? What caused me to turn from an insecure teenager into a confident adult? I know that I struggled through my 20’s and beyond. When did it change?

Two things come to mind. One is life’s challenges. When tribulation comes our way, we can either grow, or we can shrink. Through the grace of God, I have grown with the sorrows (as well as the joys!)

The second is photography. My passion for what I do, the response I get from my clients and my friends, the joy of CREATING, brings a deep sense of centeredness. When I am photographing, I know who I am. I feel a sense of where I belong in the universe. Photography both grounds me and allows me to fly. And I think that’s what my old classmates (and current friends) saw in my short movie.

Funny how it takes an amateurish video to bring that all to light, huh?

PS: Here's the video:

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