Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Memory Itself

A portrait I did recently has been causing all kinds of excitement amongst her friends, and I wanted to comment on personal portrait art.

I truly believe that we all need portrait art that captures our heart & soul. A good portrait is MEMORY itself. It reminds us who we are, and tells succeeding generations about our unique spirit.

Yes, we want images with our families. With our pets. With our children and our spouses and our friends.

But we are all unique individuals. At some point, we should have a portrait that commemorates who WE are - a portrait that points us to ourselves. That reminds us that we are unique, special, and that we each carry within us an eternal Spark that causes us to shine brightly in each others' eyes. Because sometimes we forget that truth about ourselves.

Great portrait art is indisputable proof that we are special - to ourselves, to our families, and to the universe.

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