Thursday, January 21, 2010

By Popular Demand - classes!

As many of you know, this month I started graduate studies. I am in an MFA in Creative Writing program, and I just returned from a 10-day residency at Seaside. The fire in my belly for writing has been rekindled with a vengeance.

Interestingly, during this residency, I also realized that I NEED to do portrait photography. I didn’t realize just how passionate I was about capturing a person’s heart & soul through photographic art, but after a week away at grad school, I was pining to photograph someone. Thankfully, a couple of fellow students kindly offered to be models. Their images are included in this article – a shout-out to my new friends for rescuing me from the photographic doldrums!

What an eye-opening experience. Because I discovered that not only am I passionate about writing AND photography, I also realized just how much I love to teach. I have returned with a renewed determination to nurture beginning photographers, so that they can express THEIR passions through photography. I am so excited to continue the adventure of, and I am also starting local photography classes.

Camera 101 begins Saturday, February 20, from 1-3:30 pm. This monthly series will begin at the very beginning and grow with my students. The first topic is See the Light. We’ll start in my studio, talking about light and how to ‘see’ it. Then we’ll continue on to Deepwood Park, where we’ll practice nature and portrait photography. It’s going to be fun! I will accept the first 10 students who call and sign up. Cost is $39. Call (503) 508-5157 if you’re interested in participating.

What are your goals, dreams, and passions for this new year? I hope you’re off to as exciting a start as I am!

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