Friday, February 12, 2010

Even More

I attended a spiritual retreat last weekend. It was three days of no cell phone, no computer, & no camera (!) – time to spend looking inward rather than outward. I was skeptical about the concept, but willing to give it a try.

I came away a changed person. Thanks in part to letters collected in advance from friends & family, I was able to see myself as you see me – and I realized how much gentler & kinder you are toward me than I am toward my own self. I resolve to love ‘me’ better from now on.

On Sunday night, I stopped at home, moved my toiletry bag into another (pre-packed) suitcase, and immediately headed to Portland for the annual state photographer’s convention. Again, I was feeling skeptical. I was tired and introspective after the weekend. Did I really need to go meet & greet other photographers and attend more classes?

Once again, I was amazed at what I learned. For me, it wasn’t about new techniques of lighting, posing or retouching. It was about the heart of my business – about what I love to do and how I can do it in a way that delights my clients even more.

In the next few months, expect to see tweaks to sessions and to collections. Expect to see expanded art options. Expect an experience with me to feel even more personal, as I move into an even more authentic place with both myself and my business.

I have to laugh, because I repeated ‘even more’ three times in the last paragraph. That’s a taboo for writers – to repeat the same words again & again. But I can’t change it, because in each place it is exactly the right phrase. I think I’ve discovered my theme for 2010 – EVEN MORE. Even more passion for what I do. Even more love for those around me.

And this is all because of a couple of seminars that on the surface appeared very different, but were, at heart, the same – about sharing my passion and about living life to the fullest. The opportunities to grow are all around me, even if I’m skeptical.

My deepest thanks to you, who have shared my studio and my life. Thank you for accompanying me on this wild, magical journey. The experience would be much poorer without you.


rNeil said...

Nice to hear that you'll be gentler with yourself, Cherie! I've already seen so much change in you, and it is such a joyous thing to see!

LA said...

I'm so blessed to have been a part of the transformation of EVEN MORE of the person I have come to know and love. Are you ready for Seder?

macgail_booth said...

love the optimism. Keep it up; it's catching! :)

Sharon E said...

You look so beautiful in those pics! xo