Sunday, July 26, 2009

The bluest skies you've ever seen - in Seattle!

Genuine, kind, determined, committed – these are words that describe Danielle & Caleb. You see it in their relationship with each other, with their spiritual community, and with the world. It was a blessing to be part of their wedding on Saturday!

They were married at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle. Danielle’s mom made her wedding dress, a beautiful fitted dress with a royal blue train & hand embroidered accents.

I first met Danielle at a dinner in her mother's home. Mom has the gift of hospitality, and her daughter shares her ability to make people feel welcome. Even though I'd never met either woman before, I felt an instant connection.

I also met Caleb at one of Mom's celebrated dinners. (Two or three times a year, she invites a bevy of friends & strangers into her home. Authentic Indian cuisine & Seder celebrations are amongst the annual offerings.) I was immediately struck by his kindness, which was coupled with a zeal and determination - a rare and powerful combination!

Danielle works in the Episcopal church (at St. Mark's cathedral, in fact) and plans to pursue vocation as a priest. That's 4-5 MORE years of college, of course.

Danielle & Caleb are a natural and perfect fit for each other, and I wish them joy & a deeply spiritual walk through life.

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