Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday Night adventures

So what did you do with your Friday night? I tried something new; I joined blissexpress, a music and movement class that is advertised to help you 'get your mystic groove on'. It is formally called 'ecstatic dance', and is set to world music. It reminds me of the informal dance parties my teenage girlfriends and I would have - in the family room or in our bedrooms, we'd put on music of the era and dance, dance, dance!

I thought I would feel uncomfortable, but as soon as the music started, I was in my own world. This class was truly as advertised: a wonderful way to de-stress from the week. I'm definitely returning next week. (Oh, the class costs $5, and is located at 241 State Street, for those adventurous readers who may want to try it out. Bring water - you'll need it.)

At 7 pm, I wandered over to Allesandro's (120 Commercial St, I think) to listen to Randy Byrnes. He is a self-taught piano player, and he is GREAT! He plays a combination of jazz and standards. His delivery is perfect: you can easily carry on a conversation, or you can just sit back and enjoy his easy sound.

It turns out, he was born in Detroit, and his earliest listening memories are of the Motown sound. “Little Richard was one of the best vocalists ever,” he declares. He moved to Southern California in grade school, and regularly attended live performances. “I heard all the great jazz musicians. I loved Count Basie, with his use of negative space. Negative space is very important, both in music and in visual art.”

Who's going to join me next week? Give me a call if you want to participate! (503) 508-5157

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