Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome to my New Photographic Assistants!

Many of you fondly remember Joshua and Nicholas, who were my photographic assistants for the past year. They have moved on to other pursuits, and I am pleased to present my new assistants, Ali and Amber. I spent about a month and a half without assistants, and I discovered (again) just how much I need them. (And if any of you had to deal with me during that time, I'm sure you can also attest to how much Cherie needs them to remain organized!) Let me introduce each of them:

Ali comes honestly by her love of photography. Her father is an avid photography hobbyist who has faithfully captured the sports and music events in Ali's life. Ali also loves photography, and documents her friends and her travels.

She is a vocalist, involved in both symphonic and jazz choirs, and she plays the piano (sometimes for her choral groups!) She was born in Hawaii, but grew up in Salem. She speaks fluent French, and has had the opportunity to travel to France.

She loves parks and picnics, and she is a valuable addition to the studio. An example of her recent work is shown here.

Amber also has a family background in photography - both of her parents are avid hobby photographers. She has also been bitten by the 'camera bug', and has completed classes in photography and other art subjects.

She loves everything outdoors - water sports, hiking and camping, and the beach. She enjoys dance - both organized and improvisational, as well as volleyball. This is a girl on the go!

She plans to study medicine and become an R.N. She brings significant strengths to the studio. Below is a recent example of her work.

Be sure to call and/or stop by so we can introduce you to these capable women. See you soon!

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