Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank you to the web survey participants

Thank you to all of you who participated in our enewsletter survey. (If you aren't on our email list, go to our website: www.cherierenae.com, and click on "Sign up for our email newsletter)

You may recall that I provided a table of words that might describe our studio, and I asked that you choose three that best described our art and your experience.

The overwhelming winner(s): fun/fresh/friendly. Thank you! It is my mission to take away the dread often associated with visiting a professional photographer. I want my clients (and the world - as you know, I think BIG) to look forward to visiting me, to think of it as...a day at the spa.

The next most popular words: natural, insightful, quality. Again, thank you. As you know, it is my passion to capture your hearts and spirits in photographic art. It is my style to capture you being you. It is heartening to know that I am succeeding.

Other words used were relaxed, contemporary, joyful, caring, personal, stylistic, sincere, loving beautiful, peaceful, retrospective and exciting. I think that many of these words are reflected in the three we/you chose:

natural, insightful, fresh

So check out my website. You will find prominently displayed these three words. Thank you for your insights, for your time, for your caring!

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